It’s very difficult to grow a school whose board and administration are still applying management techniques that assume a stable economic and societal environment.

Enrollment is a measure of school health and is affected by many internal enforcement. Be open to the gray that respects people and the realities of life. As much as possible, provide a path for families to get out of financial difficulties, and move forward in your relationships with them so as to not see them through the lens of those past issues.

Create intelligence and stories out of combined financial and enrollment data to form a more complete picture of the strengths and opportunities of each program and division. Help other administrators and the board make better decisions: Analyze attrition rates at each grade level coupled with data from the enrollment funnel to more accurately assess performance and predict future results. This will also help determine how to strategically use financial aid and absorb changes in tuition income.

Collect survey data each fall from certain groups of families. Design questions carefully, and if possible ask them through personal interaction rather than digital forms. Find out why existing families don’t reenroll, why new families do enroll and why some choose not to enroll after going through the application process.

Finally, remember that new families are the last customers to “buy” your product. Their understanding of your value proposition relative to other options can help you improve your competitive position and brand.

We can help you in the following ways—and more!

  • Find out how to take your school to the next level with a Strategic Performance Analysis.
  • Map out where your school plans to go next with Strategic Planning/Strategic Financial Planning, Board Workshops and Administrative Retreats.
  • Learn how to structure your development efforts, including annual fund and capital campaigns with our Comprehensive Advancement Services designed specifically for private-independent schools.
  • Analyze your market position, survey your constituents, and improve your publications with our Marketing and Admission services.
  • Provide Comprehensive Faculty Development, as well as Strategic Evaluation for your Board, administrators and staff.
  • Maximize your space and create “time” to ensure your students get the classes they want and need with a Schedule Analysis.
  • Build, enhance, or renew your middle and upper school Advisory Program so that it serves all students in a meaningful, mission-based way through the guidance of professional advisors.
  • Create or reposition your school’s Summer Program to provide a range of benefits—to current and potential families, to faculty, and to your bottom line.
  • Make sure your Management Structure, as well as your Business Office and Development Office operations, are running efficiently with an eye on your mission.
  • Make data-driven decisions based on information generated by our Surveys.